Celebrate March Madness with Whole Foods Market

By Selena Hughes, Editor/Publisher March 15, 2017

It's March Madness and that means there's several reasons to celebrate.  Basketball and St. Patrick's Day are great for families and food.  There are lots of healthy options to choose from.  Whole Foods Market has come up with options for the table.  Take a look and cook!

Chicken Wings with Gochujang Sauce

March Madness Viewing Party Ideas – party essentials for delicious, nutritious celebrations

  • Chicken Wings With Gochujang Sauce: Up the party game with these irresistible sweet-and-spicy wings that are easy for guests to grab while enjoying the game. Serve them with cucumber sticks and slices of mango!
  • Edamame Guacamole: All about that guac! Adding edamame to a guacamole dish will make it even creamier and heartier. Plate with raw vegetables like celery, carrots and radishes or tortilla chips!
  • Mixed Green Salad: Spice up the typical salad with juicy pears, tangy blue cheese, homemade croutons and toasted hazelnuts.
  • Sparkling Spring Punch: Along with beer, offer this simple punch full of fresh mint or lavender, grape juice, lemon and sparkling wine. Easy to make in large quantities, it’s ideal for the blowout bash.


St. Patrick’s Day Menu Inspiration

  • Corned Beef and Cabbage Rolls: What would St. Patrick’s Day be without corned beef? Whole Foods Market’s Wellshire Farms pre-packaged corned beef brisket and as in-store cured beef brisket makes for incredibly juicy and tender corned beef.
  • Bangers and Mash: For a spin on the classic British dish, whip up these tasty pork sausages and creamy potatoes with peas and edamame.
  • Irish Soda Bread: Get into the spirit with some traditional Irish soda bread. Similar to a scone, the bread is crumbly, flavorful, and added bonus – it’s gluten free!
  • Patagonia Provisions Long Root Ale: For an alternative to rich Irish stout, try Patagonia Provisions’ environmentally sustainable and refreshing pale ale that is sure to be a crowd pleaser.

Mixed Green Salad with Pears, Hazelnuts, Blue Cheese and Homemade Croutons

Go Green for St. Patrick’s Day. Some of our buyers’ favorites:

  • Green desserts:Treat co-workers to Whole Foods Market® brand Pistachio Italian Gelato or surprise them at the staff meeting with a dozen pistachio macarons.
  • Seaweed snacks: Perfect for the lunchbox, roasted seaweed is a hit with kids and adults. Brands like Seasnax and Gimme use USDA Organic seaweed in their crunchy, salty, naturally green snacks. These snacks are vegan and gluten free.
  • Pea chips and crisps: Vegetable chips are a kid-friendly snack for your St. Patrick’s Day party spread. Choose 365 Everyday Value Organic Pea Crisps for an affordable, crunchy snack. Delicious with an onion dip too!
  • Limeades, mixers and juices: St. Paddy’s day cocktails (or mocktails) anyone? Santa Cruz Organic Limeade with a splash of sparkling water or prosecco is a great alternative to green beer. Check your Whole Foods Market produce department for fresh squeezed limeades or even margarita mix. Want something even greener? Try Daily Greens Green Lemonade or their Renew Hydrating Greens juice.

Sparkling Spring Punch