MacKID Picks: 5 Kid-Friendly Free Events Happening This Week

All your family fun Feb. 15-22

By Macaroni KID February 14, 2023

Looking to add some fun to your daily routine this week? Feeling like you need something new this week with the kids but are stumped on ideas? Macaroni KID is here to help! Here are our picks of five free fun, inspiring, and educational events to take part in Feb. 15-22, from a bilingual storytime to ideas on how to spread random acts of kindness. We hope they help you fill up these days with giggles, joy, and learning.

1. Science Storytime For Little Learners

Kids ages 3 to 6 are invited to an online story time hosted by the WonderLab Museum in Bloomington, Indiana. This program uses children’s picture books to engage children as well as support scientific concepts and experiments. Wednesday, Feb. 15

2. Celebrate Korean Culture in Bilingual Storytime

This online event, hosted by the New York Public Library and The Korean Cultural Center, will include songs, rhymes, and books in both Korean and English. Children of all ages welcome! 

Wondering where your local events are? 

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3. Spread Random Acts Of Kindness

Have you ever had someone ahead of you in line pay for your coffee? Or have you ever had someone unexpectedly give you flowers? Today is Random Acts of Kindness Day and it's a great excuse to do something nice for someone — whether it's your spouse or the cashier you probably won't ever see again. It's also a great day to show your children the power of small gestures, like donating their gently-used toys or drawing a picture for a neighbor. Here are seven simple ideas for spreading goodwill on Random Acts of Kindness Day! Friday, Feb. 17

4. Find Out Why The Constitution Rules

Children in grades K-2 are invited to an event called "Constitution Rules" with the National Archives. During the program students will explore the idea of different responsibilities in their community and analyze images that highlight the jobs of the three branches of government as outlined in the Constitution. Friday, Feb. 17

5. Celebrate Doc McStuffins

The Smithsonian's African American History and Culture Museum is celebrating Black characters this Black History Month. Today's program is inspired by Disney's Doc McStuffins. Children will also get to know a Black doctor. Doctor Maia McCuiston will teach children about her job as a pediatrician and what makes our bodies so special. The event will wrap up with a body-positivity activity led by a museum educator. Tuesday, Feb. 21